The Diary of a Blah Mom

This is ME, Leah Bieltvedt. I’m the blog writer here…the teller of quirky tales of motherhood and personal enlightenment or near-personal enlightenment or not-anywhere-near-personal enlightenment. I have 3 charming kids, 1 charming husband and 1 charming schnoodle (that’s a schnauzer-poodle for anyone who’s interested). I am the founder, owner and general busy-body of a lovely children’s clothing company called Sweetgood. I create all the patterns and samples myself and work with local makers to do the rest…I spend a lot of time in the glorious mini van. My days are a mixture of taking care of our kids, our home and my little company, usually doing one thing while planning or wishing or feeling stressed about one of the other things. I’m a self-help junkie and I’m always looking for ways to increase my own power within my life and brighten the days of myself and my loved ones. I hope you can get a laugh or an insight or a sense of not-alone-in-motherhood-ness from this little site of mine.

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