Elise! Sweetgood’s First Ever Sweetie of the Month

Elise is my daughter btw but I would absolutely JUMP FOR JOY at the chance to share any and all of your little ones in this monthly feature! See below for instructions!
Here are Elise’s answers to her interview questions:

The favorites:
Color: mint green and aqua
Animals: dog and fox
Activity: swinging and swimming
Game: making a giant stuffed animal world with friend on Facetime or little brother in real time
Food: pesto, apples, Romano cheese
Treat: ice cream
Book: Harry Potter
Game to play with friends at recess: horses or dogs
Memory: when we picked our dog Maggie (pictured above) up from the airport and met her for the first time

Q: If you could be an animal, what animal would you want to be? 
A: A horse or a dog

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: A veterinarian

Here is an abstract drawing by Elise.

Something I love about my daughter: First off, she’s silly. As evidenced by the photo above. Even Maggie the dog doesn’t know what to make of it.
Secondly, Elise has this great social awareness that I love. We were talking about secrets the other night because Harry was supposed to keep a secret (that’s Harry Potter of the book) and she was telling me how secrets get passed so quickly at school because the first girl tells her friend a secret and says “don’t tell anyone” and then the friend tells another friend and says “she told me not to tell anyone so don’t tell anyone.” And before you know it, every girl knows the secret! Elise said she thought that just telling the next friend, “don’t tell anyone” doesn’t quite make it ok to tell the original secret. I was thinking…this might be a great tactic I could use in my own life! 🤔 Just kidding, just kidding…I will never tell. So keep those secrets coming my way! 🤣
In these pics, Elise is wearing one of my all time favorite Sweetgood pieces, the Eva Puff Sleeved Dress. I love the timeless quality of this style and how it can go from fast food joint to looking chic for a nicer event.
All of my forced photography (wait, who me? 😬) has resulted in a general attitude of non-compliance from my sweet Elise, however, I am still able to snap a few pics, if I work quickly.

I would love to feature your little one as one of Sweetgood’s Sweeties if the Month! Please print out the form below and you’ll find all the instructions right on it!

Sweetie of the Month Pdf
Thanks so much for reading friends!

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