Sweetgood’s Sweetie of the Month! Sterling!

I am so happy to have this adorable, smiley guy as a Sweetgood kid! And, guess what…he is 18 months old TODAY! Yay for Sterling!!! I hope you enjoy reading his favorites as much as I did. I love how our little ones develop preferences so early in life. And the peekaboo story at the bottom…so amazing!

Here are Sterling’s mom’s answers to the interview questions:

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite animal/s: Bears & Monkeys 🐻 🐵 

Favorite food: Surprisingly salad – it’s the first thing he goes for on his plate at dinner time.  Guess the little guy loves veggies!  

Favorite treat: Mango 🥭 

Favorite book:  Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site 

Favorite game:
Playing pretend with his cars and trucks & stacking blocks

Something unique and special about your child:  Sterling was born two weeks and two days late so we like to joke that he’s not afraid of commitment 🤣 

Your favorite silly or quirky memory of your child: 
At seven months old, Sterling reversed roles with mom & dad by playing peekaboo with us!  He grabbed dad’s hat to hide behind – it was the sweetest thing ever.  

Side note: Sterling was actually one of our models for Sweetgood’s photoshoot with the amazing Chandra Wicke back in early March. He did not stop smiling the entire time…what a joy he was to work with! The photo of him below is from the shoot.

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