Creepy Halloween Story

Here’s a little story my husband came up with…he does an amazing job of coming up with impromptu bedtime stories to tell the kids. I do not have this skill, so I need a little help…but once I have a storyline and a basic premise, I can easily add details that I know my kids will enjoy. Here is a fun halloween story you can either read as is or you can alter as you go, adding in your kids’ names and any special details they would like. Click below to download the pdf version.

Once upon a time, there were 3 kids who were going trick or treating together. Their names were Quinn, Sophia and Gus. Quinn was dressed up as a ninja with a black mask that showed only his eyes. And he carried a long silver ninja sword. Sophia was dressed up like a parrot with a green sweatshirt with yellow feathers glued all over it. The last one was dressed up like a Star Wars sand person. He wore a creepy brown mask with bulging silver colored eyes and he held a sand person stick. 

They set out on a dark Halloween night with their parents to go trick or treating. Soon they came to an old house with a tall tower. It was taller than all the other houses. It was set way back behind a grove of spooky, creepy trees. They started walking down a path that led through the trees. The wind whistled and the tree branches creaked. But the children kept walking forward along the path, bravely. Soon they came to a dark, wooden stairway up to a dark old porch. They creeped up the stairs…creak, creak, creak. They crept across the porch towards the big old front door… creak, creak creak. Quinn pressed the doorbell and they heard a deep “gong…gong” from deep within the house. Then suddenly, the front door flew open with a giant whoosh of air. All the children could see was a dark room, but they leaned in and squinted their eyes looking into the darkness…they could barely see something moving on an old, cobb-web covered chandelier. Suddenly it lifted off, flapping its wings and diving down from the ceiling and out of the door just above their heads. They jumped aside and turned to watch it swoop past them and into a tree…it was a bat! 

They could hear the wind whistling through the old empty house. Quinn whispered, “There’s no one here, let’s go!” And as they crept back down the stairs, they noticed a bright light coming from one of the windows down near the other side of the house. Sophia said, “Come on guys, let’s go look into that window!” Gus said, “This sounds like a bad idea…” But they snuck along the front wall of the house, eventually making it to the lit up window. Standing on their tip toes, they could barely peer into the old broken window. There, in the big old room, stood a large fireplace with a crackling fire glowing in it. In front of it was a large, old, dark red velvet chair. And in the big old chair sat a small, skinny figure in a black pointed hat! “A witch!” whispered Quinn. As they turned to leave, Gus stepped on a small stick and it made a loud “CRACK.” 

Suddenly they heard movement behind them in the room and then, an old woman’s voice saying “My, my my….what was THAT?” Quinn, Sophia and Gus froze in their spot and forced themselves to look behind them. The woman came to the window, looked out, and spotted the three kids in their costumes standing frozen in front of the house. “What lovely costumes, my dear children!” she exclaimed! She didn’t seem like a witch anymore…she had a nice gentle voice. She left the window and a few moments later, the lights went on in the other rooms of the house and on the old front porch. Then she appeared at the front door with a big bowl of candy. The children ran back over to the porch, climbed the steps, took 5 pieces of candy each! Then Sophia said “Thank you” and Quinn said “Happy Halloween” and Gus said “We love candy.” And they walked back down the steps, along the path through the forest and back to their parents. 

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