Sweetgood’s Sweetie of the Month! It’s Elisa!

I’m so happy to introduce this adorable girl! She is 3 years old. She looks SOOOO cute in her Sweetgood Sawyer Jumpsuit as well! I enjoyed reading her answers to the interview questions. It made me smile to hear that she likes playing pretend…she must have an incredible imagination!

Here are her answers to the interview questions:


Color: Currently it’s yellow

Animal/s: kittens 

Food: Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes or waffles with Peanut butter and honey 

Treat: Cookies

Book: Cinderella 

Game: Playing pretend, she’s quite a little actress, “ I’m the mommy, the teacher, the dragon, the delivery person, super girl, Cinderella, etc. ”

Something unique and special about your child: I would describe her as silly, sassy and brave.  Plus with her curly locks she really does resemble Curly Sue! (or Merida from Disney’s Brave for the newer generation) 

Your favorite silly or quirky memory of your child: so many , the other day we received a cookie delivery from a friend. She had already had dinner but said ”Oh mommy I’m so hungry, good thing we have these cookies!” lol!

Here is some lovely art by Elisa:

And here are a few more cute pics!

Here’s wishing you all a lovely November! Thanks for reading! 😘

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