The Myth of Bear and Fire

It’s that cuddly time of year….

Such a beautiful photo of Marisa and her little ones. Pictures like this remind me that being a mom is so special! Marisa has a lovely feed on IG @i_heart_loo, Amazing photo by Chandra Wicke.
One little family tradition we have is telling bedtime stories…they are such a fun way to engage the imagination and settle into bed at night. There is an intimacy in storytelling that is really special. The storyteller is able to embellish the story with his or her own personality while also incorporating the audience into the story. I had a fun time exploring Native American myths and legends to find a story to share with you. This one is from the Alabama Tribe. Click below to download the pdf and feel free to print it out…it makes a perfect little bedtime story. And don’t forget to have fun and add your own personal twist when retelling it!

I love children’s stories from the past. I appreciate how nature was central to these stories and the peaceful feeling that comes from having an explanation, even an imagined one, for why the world is as it is. Sweetgood pieces are inspired by folk tales, legends, myths and nature. I wish you a warm and cozy Thanksgiving holiday and all the best!

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