Valentine’s Pinata Art Project!

Last weekend we put together these cool Valentine’s Pinatas. It was really fun and it is such a simple and easy project, even little ones can participate in a meaningful way. 


brown paper bags
tissue paper
string or ribbon
candy or toys to stuff the pinata

What to do: 

First you will need to cut out many scraps of tissue paper in whatever colors you want. We cut out 2×2″ squares.  We also made strips of tissue paper fringe, that were more like 4×2″ for a more pinata-ish look.

Next you will need to make a big heart shape out of copy paper and cut it out. Then you trace it onto the brown paper bags and cut out the hearts. You will need two hearts for each pinata, a front and a back. 

Next you staple the heart pairs together leaving the top open, as demonstrated by Gus.

Then for the decorating! Glue the tissue paper pieces onto your brown paper hearts. You can glue them flat, or glue them so they stick out…overlap to create interesting designs.

Next you fill the pinatas with candy or toys and staple around the top. Finally, you punch a hole in the top center and tie your string or ribbon onto the pinata.

Here are some of our designs. You can see how we created different looks depending on how we glued the tissue paper on. 

I hope you will enjoy this little project! 

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