Sweetgood Gal Goes MIA

I’m BACK! I know! What a relief! Unless you didn’t notice I was gone…🤔

Alright so it’s been a month and a day since I last sent out the last Sweetgood email to all of you lovely people! And I didn’t even really plan for this break. Do you ever get completely gripped by something and you find yourself up all hours, letting everything else slide, consumed by your goal? Well that was me for about two weeks with my Whole House Makeover Reorganization Project Pit of WOE! With the kids home for all that time due to Covid and then summer break after that, I just hadn’t had the time to tackle any of these small tasks….which then morphed into one enormous task…reorganizing the WHOLE HOUSE. And for whatever reason, in the days leading up to the WHMRPPW (for short) the words of Marie Condo had really been resonating with me; “Does this closet spark joy?” “Does this drawer spark joy?” “Does this room spark joy?” No, no and NO! It’s pretty funny though…why would she even expect a drawer to spark joy? But on the other hand, there is something very soothing…dare I say it…JOYFUL…about the prospect of opening a drawer and finding exactly what you need sitting right in the middle of it, with space around it so you can easily see it and pick it up! I was gripped by the very idea of it! And what I realized is; that could actually be possible if I did away with all of the unnecessary junk in all the drawers, cupboards, etc, that I rarely if ever use. So there I was, with my days FINALLY freed up again due to my kids being back in school….in this house where nothing was sparking joy at all whatsoever!

The overhaul went on day after day to the point where even I couldn’t stand to look at the pile of “future TBD” junk sitting in the corner of every room. Midway through the overhaul I reached a tough spot because I had come so far but still found myself opening this or that drawer and crying out in horror at the amount of totally useless stuff and at myself for letting it get this bad! But two weeks later I had actually done it! Mostly! And it felt and feels so much better than before! Here’s one thing I thought about this time which I hadn’t thought about before…this is a total pro tip so pay attention: If you figure out the areas (drawers, shelves, cupboards, whatever) that are the most convenient to grab things from and match those with the things you use most…and then take that idea all the way down to the areas that are least accessible and match them with the least used stuff there…BAM! Day to day life gets a lot smoother! Like why on Earth was I using a highly precious dining room drawer to house a bunch of electronics cords for devices we have long since stopped using? Who even knew what these cords were for??? No idea! Also: don’t hang onto stuff you don’t need because you MIGHT use it again…espeically when it is pretty cheap anyway. This is one of my personal favorite things to do! For instance, I had purchased this long and low metal shelf a couple years ago and I can’t even remember what I used it for at the time but when I didn’t need it anymore, I thought to myself, “this is such a nice, useful shelf, I have to keep it…I might need it and I don’t want to have to buy it again.” This shelf had been sitting in the basement for the last 5 years until my house overhaul when I finally looked it up online and discovered that I had paid $34.99 for it! I was tripping over the thing, moving it here or there… for 5 years just in case I needed it! In order to save $34.99!  I would have gladly paid $34.99 to have better access to and use of my basement for the last 5 years if I would have thought of it that way. But at least I can have better access to and use of my basement now! And somewhere in the world, someone is getting a nice deal on a shelf they can actually use right now in their home!

After my house overhaul I fell into a pit of laundry that hadn’t been done due to my WHMRPPW tunnel vision. I  also realized that I hadn’t slept much in those 2 weeks, not to mention during Covid when I had all 3 kids at home, not to mention 13 years of being a mom altogether. So I took 2 weeks off for laundry and napping…and a trip to Legoland…and that brings us to today! I’m so thrilled to be back to Sweetgood again…sitting in an office that is no longer threatening to swallow me up…and feeling somewhat more rested than before! And in case you’re jealous of my highly admirable near-Marie-Condo-esque state and the joy-sparking-ness of all my drawers, know that within 6 months my house will surely be back where it was before the WHMRPPW Project…and I’ll have the opportunity to do it all over again!

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